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Your best-kept beauty secret: Contour Stick.

by Jakob Israelsson

Contouring is a make-up technique that uses darker colours than your actual skin tone to give your face dimension and shape and to give yourself the desired cheekbones, nose, forehead and jawline. Contour sticks, which are cream foundations in a tube, are used to shape the specified facial features.

Some basic makeup procedures according to makeup experts

Face shapeInstead of concentrating on the shape of your face, you should concentrate on the jawline, cheekbones, forehead and nose.
HudtonLighter skin tones should use contour lines that trend towards the cooler side, while warmer skin tones should opt for contour shades that are darker.
ConcealerTo add depth and contour to your face, you can apply concealer that is several shades darker than your skin tone.
BronzerWith the help of bronzer you can give your face a more natural glow. Without leaving any facial shadows, a bronzer gives your skin a radiant, natural glow similar to a tan.

Some of the best ways to choose the right contour stick

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a contour stick:

Consistency: make sure the contour pencil has a soft and creamy consistency so that it can be easily applied and blends into the skin. A stick with a thinner consistency can be more difficult to work with and can create an uneven surface.

Colour: Choose a contour stick that is darker than your own skin tone to create a natural shade. However, make sure it is not too dark, otherwise it may be difficult to blend into the skin.

Finish: Contouring pencils come in different finishes – choose one that suits your skin type and personal preference. If you want a more natural finish, you can choose a stick with a matte finish, while a stick with a slightly more glossy finish can give more radiance and dimension to the skin.

Price: contour pens come in different price ranges, so it’s a good idea to look at different brands and compare prices before you decide. However, remember that a higher price does not necessarily mean a better product. So if you look hard enough, you can find a better product for a lower price.

Reviews:Read reviews from others who have used the contour stick you are interested in. This can give you a good idea of how they work and whether they are worth the money.

Some notable contour sticks and when to use them

  • Milk contour stick
  • Isadora contour stick
  • Nyx contour stick
  • Anastasia contour stick
  • Fenty Beauty contour stick
  • Wet n Wild contour stick
  • Maybelline contour stick
  • Beauty UK Ultimate Contour Chubby stick

Before you can start contouring, you need to choose the right shade for your skin tone. You can choose a shade that is two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone. Choose matte, cooler-toned creams like Anatasia, Milk, Isadora, Maybelline, Wet n Wild or Fenty Beauty for everyday use. You can then use a darker shade to create the outlines themselves. Then use Nyx or Beauty UK for example if you want a more radiant look.

How to contour your face according to the recommendations of makeup professionals

Apply contouring where it lifts rather than pulls the face down. To lift your face a little higher, you want to move directly above the indentation itself. Start at the top of your ear and work your way down to your lips, but don’t go all the way down. Instead, you stop just before your cheekbones.

You will also need to contour your nose in relation to your face. The trick is to place the dark lines as close as you can – without them touching, because you want the lighter colour in between.

You can also apply concealer to the sides of your nose to balance the shadow cast by your nose if you want to give the appearance of a narrow nose.

And here are some Dos and Don’ts

● Do not mix creams and powders.

● Choose the shade that is appropriate for your skin tone.

● Do not make it too heavy when applying it.

● Blend to minimise sharp lines.

● Don’t forget to apply blush to create a look of natural blush.

● Use contouring and blushes that hold together to make it look more blended and composed.

In summary, contour sticks come in a variety of products and are a very effective technique that the majority of makeup artists and beauty experts recommend for all types of situations, including gala evenings, weddings, presentations and everyday use.

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